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AwRiTe TrOoPz wE fOuT wE wId MaKe A SiTe CoS dErEs nUtTiN eLsE tAe DaE n We WaNtEd TaE mAkE a BeTtA sItE tHaN aWw uZ dAfTyS!!!!


ShOuT oOoTs
A BiG sHoUt OoOt TaE mIcK m, RaB sMiTh, wYiLe, DiV C, lEsLiE n AwW ThE kP-PoSsE ScOtIa, gAv, BaRroN, gRaNt D, CaMpBeLl, ChRiS N bIg DiV, cHrIS f, AlAn F, sTePh WaRd, JoHn ThE sAnNy MaKeR, dIv KeNnEdY N BiG dIv LInN, FeZzA, JoHn MuLlEn, MjAlp!!!!! LeE CoRlEtT, McnAuGhT, rOsS MaIn, DuMbAr, wEe AnToN m, ChIcK p, tOnY bAiN, rAb HaRrIs!!!!! AwW ThE c-mIlK rYaN Mc jOhN MoWaTt, tAhNeZs, BrOoN, gAzZa G, sTeF m, FiTzY, rOsS P, JoNnY 5, RiChIe ViNe, sToOkIe!!!!!AlShY, bArBoUr, MuRpHyS, dIv mOrNiNg, AnDy HaRvEy, BrYaN m, GaRrY jOhN, mIcK m, CoYnE, dAnNy B, MaLsEeD, cRaIg, FeRgAl, NiKi, JaMeS r, DiV b, FiShEr, RyAn, WeE rAm M, jAmMiE, rAb B, jOnNy D, dAnNy T, tIsH, wInTeRs N aWw HiS cReW, GiNcH, aTiF, bOb m, CoRbEtT,RaNdAlL WeE rOsS S
WeE EmA BuRnS,ClArE mAcUlAy ,wEe nAtI, aMi lEsLiE, eLLiS, eRiN, lOrA, WeE LaUrA, lOuIsE l, tAsHa d, aMaNdA N lAuRa FaE tHe BoIg, AnIsHa, LoUiSe dUfFy,SaMmI, LyNseY t, cLaIrE, shOpHiE, vIkKi DeVeNnY, wEe JacQI, WeE nAzZ, RaChEl, KeRi D n KeLi GlAsGoW, SiNeAd M, aShLeY, GiLlIaN m, LaUrA Mc,StEpHiE M, ClAiRe nIcOlA N mOrEeN, laUrEn N lYnSeY fAe LaRbEtT, siObHaN f, StAcEy S,


WiT wE nOrMaLlY dAe
We NoRmAlLy Go OoT WaE aWw tHr TrOoPz SuMtImEs Go iNtAe ToOn!!!!!!We AwW WaYz gEt A BoOzE!!!!! SpEnD mAsT oF oOr TiMe In ThA tOoN pUrE mAd WaE iT cHeCkIn OoT tHe TaLeNt!!!!!
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OoR jOiNt AdDy


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